Vallejo Art Walk Community, We’ve missed you!

The shelter at home and the cancellation of public events has greatly impacted access to Art Walk programing and our working Artist community, who rely on events like The Art Walk and other ongoing street fair and festival gigs, to engage the community, share their art, and earn a living.

We’re launching a Virtual Talent Showcase so we can stay engaged and keep you connected to the Arts.

Vallejo Art Walk Virtual Showcase

We’re exploring other ways to stay connected such as; virtual classes, tutorials, and events for all ages, virtual galleries, and online retail sales until we are back home in the heart of Downtown Vallejo, with all of your smiling faces again!

For more info on how to share/participate in our e-community, please send us a message on Facebook or email us at

Thanks for your patience as we find ways to adjust our approach in supporting the Art Walk Community!

– The Vallejo Art Walk Team

May 11 Art Walk- The Art of Peace

Save the date! As part of the May Art Walk, the Art of Peace exhibit is going to be unveiled. The Robby Poblete Foundation’s Art of Peace program takes unwanted and decommissioned firearms and distributes them among artists to transform something tragic into something that inspires and educates. They will be unveiling the works of art in Downtown Vallejo in partnership with Vallejo Art Walk at the Temple Art Lofts during an opening ceremony focused on peace and transformation. Wine, cheese and appetizers will be served. ADMISSION IS FREE. As part of the Art of Peace-themed Art Walk, League of Chefs will be having a pop-up dinner starting at 6:30 pm – get your tickets for the dinner at . Come enjoy the street vendors, food and music, too!

Vallejo Art Walk stands in Solidarity with BLM

Vallejo police have killed 18 people since 2010, and brutilzed many more.

Say their names:
Sean Monterrosa
Willie McCoy
Ronell Foster
Jeffrey Barboa
Phillip Conley
Evon Ramon Martinez
Mohammed Naas
Timothy Walker
William Heinze
Jeremiah Moore
Mario Romero
Marshall Tobin
Jared Huey
Anton Barrett Sr.
Peter Mestler
Sherman Peacock
Guy Jerome Jarreau Jr.
Michael Todd White

Data Source Open Vallejo

Eric Reason was killed by an off duty Richmond officer in Valljeo in 2019. His killer was not arrested by VPD; instead they hung out and photographed Reason’s body together.