Become A Vendor / Get Involved


The Vallejo Art Walk takes place all over the downtown area and includes local merchants, street vendors, and galleries. This event is from 5-9pm the Second Friday of the month (barring plague and storm) . If you would like to participate as a vendor, please read our rules and codes of conduct. Currently there is no fee and no need to email beforehand to secure a spot as a vendor here, though it is mandatory to sign in at the beginning of the event.

We require that all items sold at this event be made/produced/grown by you.

Resale items are not allowed at this event.

Things that are also not allowed at this event are:

  • Sale of mass produced/imported/store bought items
  • Multi-Level Marketing (ie. Mary Kay, Avon, etc.)
  • Distribution of non-licensed Pre-packaged food/Prepared food (homemade or other)

If you need clarification or have any questions about what can and cannot be sold at this event, please contact us through email.

Setup & Breakdown

The event is from 5pm – 10pm and you are welcome to setup any time before that. Because spaces are on a first come first served basis, some artists start setting up as early as 3:30pm in order to secure their favorite location. The only spaces you can’t setup in is in front of open merchants without permission from them first. We also recommend that you reach out to participating merchants to see if they may want to invite you for a pop-up or display art in their shop. Please remember to leave enough space (48 inches) on the sidewalk for people and wheelchairs to easily pass. to We are encouraging merchants to have art related events during the Art Walk, especially during the months of Nov – March.

There is no designated vendor parking but there is street parking all over the surrounding area as well as two parking lots. Please reference the outlined Art Walk map for the location of the parking lots.

We do not currently have plans to close the 300 block of Georgia Street, or Marin Street, but that may be added in the future.


As mentioned previously, we do not supply anything, and you are responsible for bringing anything you might need during this event.

Here are a few suggestions of items our vendors normally bring:

  • Tables/Chairs
  • Display Equipment
  • Signage
  • Monetary Change/Credit Card Readers
  • Business Cards
  • Paper Weights
  • Pens/Paper/Tape/Scissors/String
  • Take Away Bags
  • Solar/Battery Powered Lights

There is limited light and power access and it can get windy, so we highly recommend you take this into account to prepare for this event.

Vendors are responsible for their own taxes, licensing, and anything your business needs. It is up to you to maintain the integrity of your work and business.

If you want to be a part of a show inside one of the venues/galleries and other retailers, you may contact them directly to inquire about their process. For general information on the event, contact us and we can answer any questions.

Non-profits, corporate & other vendors:

Because we want to honor the integrity of the event being an Art Walk, we don’t allow Non-profit, or corporate vendors to set up without prior approval first. If you have questions, please contact us. Politicians, political and religious vendors are not permitted to vend during this event.

Volunteers: We welcome help organizing and putting on the event. Please contact us if you’re interested.