The Vallejo Food & Art Walk was launched in 2014 by members of the The Vallejo Arts Alliance.  This monthy event is an opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a very casual setting,  with entertainment and food provided to encourage visitors to stroll among artist booths, downtown businesses and galleries. The Vallejo Food and Artwalk works in partnership with SactoMoFo food trucks and the the new Cal-Maritime Anchor Center,  which hosts the Community Gallery. We function under the fiscal sponsorship of the Solano County Arts Council.

Steering Committee

Kathy O’Hare is co-owner of Obtainium Works Art Car Studio in downtown Vallejo, has been active in the arts community with the Vallejo Arts Alliance, Vallejo Open Studios, Art Windows, and 2nd Friday Art Walk, and has served on the Beautification Commission for the City of Vallejo.

Carmen Slack – President/CEO, Solano County Arts Council –- Carmen has lived in Vallejo for over 40 years and directs the projects and staff of the Solano County Arts Council, and officially represents the Solano County Arts community in local, state, and national matters. Carmen studied Art therapy and worked with Merle Karnes, a pioneer in the field of Art therapy, early childhood education and one of the creators of Head Start. At 22, she was employed as Director by the Native American and Appalachian Community Action Program (CAP). Her years of service to the Solano community includes Operations Manager of the Vallejo Performing Arts and Conference Center, Executive Director of. HTIR , International US Internship Study, Art Director and Webmaster for the AFLCIO including N.CA UFCW, President of the Mira Theater Guild, Co-curator of the Art of Peace Exhibit at TAL in Vallejo CA., member of the Solano County Public Arts Committee and Team Member with the Vallejo Art Walk.

Stan Clark has been in Vallejo for 6 years, making giant inflatable art for special events. His art started as small fabric sculptures and stuffed animals and has evolved into a large collection of giant flower and dragon forms. Astro Botanicals have been featured at more than 200 events in the Bay Area and across the country.

Liberty Pierson is a Vallejo, Ca based non-traditional pyrography artist who uses her unique style to promote a sense of positive well-being. She has practiced wood burning with a Walnut Hollow craft tool for over 10 years. Choosing to use the tool as a illustration medium, she mainly focuses on themes of ethnic diversity, representation, and empowerment.

“The most important aspect of my work is that it gives the viewer a sense of strength and self worth. I find that we often need to be reminded that there is a beauty and kindness in the world. It is my intent to share that love through my art.”

Espy Marie is a queer artist, poet, musician, and Vallejo native. She has been active in the Vallejo arts community since 2017. Since then, she has shown her work all over the San Francisco Bay Area and consistently vends at Vallejo Art Walk.